Rumi Tuesdays: Interfaith Spirituality and the Arts

Explore the theological and spiritual significance of spoken word poetry, live acoustic music, and recorded music.

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Multi-Faith Mondays: Interfaith, Psychology, and Theology

Interfaith discussions facilitated by Dr. Amanda Moore, Dr. Jay McDaniel, and David Hawkins, LAC.

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Worldview Wednesday: “My Life” Listening Sessions

Listening sessions presented by individuals of different faiths including Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Unitarian Universalism.

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Interfaith Fridays: Interfaith Explorations of Scripture

Explorations of texts from various religions, primarily Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, using the Scriptural Reasoning method.

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Spiritual Literacy: Recognizing the Sacred in Everyday Life

Based on the Spiritual Alphabet developed by Frederic and Mary Brussat, this seven-week series will explore spiritual practices that cultivate our ability to see the sacred in our midst.

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